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What is MyPersonalizer ?

MyPersonalizer was a research project aiming to produce a generic, adaptable J2EE-based framework for engineering "My" portals (such as my.yahoo.com), that is, portals that let users create one or more personal pages (workspaces) composed of a number of personalizable services. The project is now concluded.

MyPersonalizer is structured according to the Model-View-Controller and Layers architectural patterns, providing generic, adaptable model and controller layers that implement the typical use cases of a My portal. The model layer represents personal persistent objects (user registration information, workspace layout, service preferences, and so on) in a generic way, maps them to a relational database, includes a framework for executing model actions and provides an action for each use case. The controller layer builds on Jakarta Struts, and provides a Struts action per use case that calls on the parallel model action. To build a portal, graphical designers (without programming skills) develop the portal view by writing JSP pages (without scriptlets), while software engineers implement service plugins and specify framework configuration.

MyPersonalizer also provides a number of command-line administration tools for initialization tasks, and a web administration tool that lets the portal administrator manage services (default preferences, permissions, and configuration, for example), users, groups, and so on. The web administration tool also allows to exploit user information, by letting the portal administrator execute tasks (for example, sending an e-mail) on the users that fulfil a number of conditions in terms of their personal information (user registration information, service preferences, and so forth).

A sample portal built with MyPersonalizer, MyPortal, is also provided, and serves both as an example and a template for building a concrete portal. MyPersonalizer can be used with any standard J2EE web container (such as Jakarta Tomcat) and a number of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle).

Have a look at www2004.pdf for further information on MyPersonalizer.